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I can offer tips on Facebook Advertising

I am a graduate of Business and Digital Marketing with experience in setting up my own dance school in Cornwall, U.K. It has helped me understand how to advertise on Facebook for FREE and effectively. Started with just 3 students to currently 120 students in under a year. Attached below are some of my outcomes when advertising for my own business. More than 100 comments on each post.

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I will grow your social media accounts

I am very experienced when it comes to growing social media accounts on any platforms; Instagram, Tiktok (grew account to 20k in 1 month) , Pinterest. It is my passion to do so. I will work with you to ensure 100% satisfaction and I can ensure the growth you will attain will be worth it! I can't wait to work with you :)

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Monthly Social Media Management

Too busy to handle your social media? Or maybe you’re not that tech savvy. Whatever it is, I’m here to help! I manage your social media so you don’t have to. I have a professional diploma in social media marketing as well as completing other detailed courses and gaining extensive knowledge from networks in my industry. I have a passion for creativity as seen in the content I have produced (see attachments) and I am data-driven so I always ensure the insights are a reflection of my work. I love working with different industries as I am a fast learner and have determination to learn new things.

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I will review your product on my blog.

img I will write professional blog posts. £10.00 What this includes: Prive varies dependent on requirement. I have never offered a service before, so am very negotiable! I am a lifestyle blogger with experience using SEO, Pinterest, Tailwind, and creating a beautiful blog on Wordpress. I am a beginner blogger ( and would love to collaborate with other bloggers. I write about budget-friendly lifestyle, saving, investing, nutrition, and travel. I also love writing about DIY decor and home products. I am happy to review products/ services on my blog if they suit my audience (women in their 20s/30s).

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I have experience liasing with brands

I have previously worked with major high street and online brands in completing audits of their company and running social media campaigns

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Promote your business’s on Insta

I have nearly 2000 followers on Instagram and can get my following to engage with your business/page. Always message me first.

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Social Media Marketer/Branding/Content

I’m an Education and Media Communications Graduate with experience creating logos, banners and social media content. I am looking for a future career in this industry so if satisfied with initial service I am open to continuous support.

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I will grow your social media

I am a newly qualified social media Marketer. I have over 10 years experience in social media but over the last year I have grown two companies online presence from scratch. Now that I am qualified I would like to offer my services to businesses.