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Freelance photographer

I have been a freelance photographer for almost a year, providing customers with high quality photos. I am based in London and I am able to travel all across London however prices may vary.

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I will do product & portrait photogr

I have experience shooting for Cafés in my local area. Also have done portrait shoots with high customer satisfaction. Feel free to reach out me me on Instagram @eimearmoss, to see my portfolio.

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I will edit the lighting in your photos

I am in my second year at college doing a creative media course and have access to high tech editing software and can edit the lighting in your photos

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Book your Photoshoot

If you are interested in finding an affordable photoshoot, check out my website (link below). I’m a photographer based in London and South West London, but I could travel to any area.

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Drone Photography and Videography

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Best Social Media Pics in London!

Just a guy with a camera who happens to love showing people just how great they look. Not convinced? then simply check out my instagram :)

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I will photograph your wedding

Bask in emotion with lifestyle photography; The exclusive photographic service that will imprint your most-special moments in ever-lasting memories. A prom day, a graduation or even a birthday party... In the end, it's all about the little details that make these days so emotional! So have fun, make the most of your once in a lifetime moment, and I'll do the rest for you!

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I will photograph your clothing brand

Customers buy with their eyes, they want to see the clothes in a relatable lifestyle setting before they buy. Location clothing photography for fashion brands and Etsy/e-commerce sellers | Show your customers how your clothing fits their lifestyle. Building up a strong fashion image is vital to guarantee your sales. So, all you need is to get that photographic work that puts your brand to the highest industry standards. With my fashion photography services, I make sure each of your items is portrayed at its very best. My main goal is to grab those perfect, spontaneous images that really tell your brand character and leave customers wanting to buy your products. From e-commerce sellers to small or globally renowned brands, my promise is to give your product the 'wow' factor it needs! Please contact before ordering** *Shipping to UK **Availability check Contact Today